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Actor Duane Martin — Show Us the Money! You Jacked Last Mayweather Fight

Posted September 14, 2016 under Celebrity Justice


Actor Duane Martin bobbed and weaved his way out of paying to air the Floyd MayweatherAndre Berto fight in his restaurant … according to the company in charge of distributing the bout.

J&J Sports Productions says it had exclusive rights to license Floyd’s last fight — a year ago — to bars, restaurants, hotels and casinos. But according to a lawsuit, Martin and his restaurant, XEN Lounge, straight-up jacked the feed. 

In the docs, J&J says Martin illegally intercepted the feed and showed the fight at the restaurant … which helped them make a bundle that night.

Depending on the capacity of XEN, it would’ve cost a few thousand to get the fight on the up and up. Now J&J is suing for damages in excess of $175k.

We’ve reached out to Martin, so far no word back. 

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