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AJ McLean Turns 40, Looks Forward to First Prostate Exam

Posted January 10, 2018 under Music

AJ McLean

I’m 40 Now …

Bring on the 1st Prostate Exam!

1/10/2018 7:19 AM PST


AJ McLean isn’t even trying to hide it … he’s totally looking forward to getting his very first prostate exam, now that he’s hit the big 4-OHHHH!

We got the Backstreet Boys singer Tuesday — the day he actually crossed over — and asked if he’d scheduled his first, y’know … oil check, now that he’s a man of a certain age. 

AJ knows he needs to get it done — probably sooner than later, it sounds like — but the good news is he’s excited about who’s conducting the examination. He also reassured us his wife’s on-board with another woman getting up in his business.

Seems like the McLeans want it that way.

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