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Azealia Banks Claims She was ‘Lowkey’ Raped on Her Instagram Story

Posted April 15, 2018 under Music

Azealia Banks

Claims She was ‘Lowkey’ Raped …

On Since-Deleted IG Posts

4/15/2018 11:25 AM PDT

Azealia Banks was breaking down and sobbing on her Instagram story Saturday night, claiming she’d been sexually assaulted … and threatening to quit music over it.

In since-deleted Instagram videos posted to the NYC rapper’s Story, Azealia can be heard crying over being “low key” raped by a man she claims pressured her into sex.

In the posts — which were captured by a third party and posted online — she starts off with a disclaimer saying she fells “like dirt.” She also partially blames herself for the alleged rape, and goes on to threaten deleting her social media accounts until she’s okay again.

Azealia was clearly affected by the incident — the details of which are left ambiguous for now. She doesn’t say where this happened, but presumably it occurred Saturday night. She also doesn’t name the alleged perpetrator. 

You never see her face … only her voice, which at one point says someone “got the best of me.” She eventually asks someone to come pick her up — but the posts were later deleted off her account. She did, however, allude to roofies in later posts … and added she was “good” from the night before and that her show on Sunday was still on. 

It’s unclear where she’ll be performing tonight. 

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