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‘Bachelorette’ Star Peter Kraus Can’t Say (Yet) If He’s the Next ‘Bachelor’

Posted September 2, 2017 under Gossip & Rumors

‘Bachelorette’ Star Peter Kraus

Blink If You’re the Next ‘Bachelor’

9/2/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Rachel Lindsay‘s runner-up on “The Bachelorette” won’t say for sure if he’s next to hand out roses for love — but he’s giving us strong signals he might be.

We got Peter Kraus — a fan fave who wouldn’t take a knee for Rachel this season — and asked if rumors that he’s the next ‘Bachelor‘ carry any weight.

He doesn’t necessarily confirm it, but he doesn’t straight-up deny either, and even dishes on which of his buds would make a good one (even though it’s probably irrelevant).

You be the judge, though … he didn’t have to blink. Seems like he could fulfill that high school wish of his after all.

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