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Capitals Star Brooks Orpik Says Finger ‘Fell Off’ During Stanley Cup Finals

Posted June 14, 2018 under Sports

Capitals Star Brooks Orpik

Finger Decapitated

During Stanley Cup Finals!!

6/14/2018 9:51 AM PDT

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It’s incredible Brooks Orpik was able to hold the Stanley Cup … let alone play hockey — ’cause the Washington Capitals defenseman straight-up said his finger FELL OFF during the Cup Finals!!

The Caps star told reporters this week that, after getting slashed at the end of Game 2 against the Las Vegas Golden Knights … the top of his pinkie was no longer a part of his hand.

“It kinda fell off,” he said.

The crazy part of the story?? The dude who basically chopped off Brooks’ finger with his stick only got a five-minute penalty and a game misconduct for it.

The crazier part of the story?? Orpik didn’t miss a minute of action after trainers stitched it back together.

The craziest part of the story?? Brooks says the hand injury he suffered in a previous series against the Blue Jackets will cause him more long-term problems than losing part of his finger!!

Hockey, man.

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