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Celebrity Hacker — I'm Keeping that Computer and Writing a Book on Celeb Secrets

Posted September 13, 2016 under Celebrity Justice


The man scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday for hacking into celebrity email accounts is bragging to inmates he’s got more where that came from, and he’s going to write a book.

According to federal guidelines, Alonzo Knowles faces up to 33 months in prison for his cyber crime. Prosecutors have been leaning on him to give up his computer, possibly in return for a lighter sentence. But, according to new legal docs filed by the U.S. Attorney, Knowles won’t play ball.

The U.S. Attorney claims Knowles has told his brother, and other prisoners, the computer has great value and it’s worth spending an extra year in jail in return for getting rich off a book chronicling celebrity secrets.

The legal docs say Knowles told his brother, “Yo, when I get out dog, I’m going to be a millionaire dog, trust me when I say that … I’m gonna be rich as hell.”

Prosecutors are asking the judge to impose a harsher sentence than provided by federal guidelines because Knowles has shown no remorse.

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