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Christian Kirk Arrest Footage, Friend Says ‘Y’all Costing My Dog Millions’

Posted June 12, 2018 under Sports


Google Christain Kirk.

That’s what Kirk’s friend told cops to do before both men were arrested for criminal damage to a car in February … adding, “Y’all costing my dog millions.”

TMZ Sports obtained police body cam footage showing police as they interviewed Kirk’s friend in an Arizona parking lot after receiving a call for 2 guys throwing rocks at cars.

The video shows Kirk’s friends pleading with cops to let Kirk go.

“I’m about to cry for my friend right now man, this sh*t f**ked up. He’s about to be a first round draft pick and y’all out here over a van man. Y’all really costing my dog millions.”

“Like, Google this man, Google him.”

FYI — Kirk ended up being drafted in the 2nd round of April’s NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals … and the criminal charge against him was dropped.

No word on if they Googled him, bro.

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