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Colin Kaepernick: Meek Mill Is Getting Screwed (And He’s Not Alone)

Posted November 13, 2017 under Sports

Colin Kaepernick

Meek Mill Is Getting Screwed

(And He’s Not Alone)

11/13/2017 2:11 PM PST

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Colin Kaepernick is going to bat for Meek Mill — saying the rapper is a victim of the same “radicalized injustice” that has been screwing black men for years. 

FYI, Meek was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison after a judge ruled he violated probation stemming from a 2009 drugs and weapons case by getting busted for a St. Louis airport fight … and his reckless driving arrest in NYC.

Even though both cases were dropped, the judge said the arrests alone were violations. People are furious about this … including Kaepernick. 

“Sadly there are Black folks going through the same radicalized injustice(s) within the justice system that Meek Mill has experienced for over a decade EVERY SINGLE DAY,” Kaep tweeted. 

“This requires more than just gradual reform in laws — It requires a swift overhaul.”

Others say Meek’s sentence was fair based upon the multiple run-ins he’s had with law enforcement since he was placed on probation. 

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