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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Makes History Wearing Hijab During Swear-In

Posted January 3, 2019 under Politics

Rep. Ilhan Omar

Makes History on House Floor …

Wears Hijab for Swear-In Ceremony

1/3/2019 2:10 PM PST

Ilhan Omar — one of two Muslim women ever elected to Congress — made history Thursday when she wore her hijab on the House floor.

The Congresswoman from Minnesota was all smiles as she was sworn in on Capitol Hill … where she was surrounded by a throng of supporters, many of whom were also wearing hijabs. Omar’s no stranger to politics — she served in the state legislature before making her historic run for Congress.

Omar — the first Somali-American in Congress — has also never shied away from her religion in public. In fact, during her victory speech on Election night, she dropped the Arabic phrase, “alhamdulillah” … which means “all praise to God.”

The 37-year-old — who came from a refugee camp in Kenya some 23 years ago — ran on very progressive platforms … such as hiking the minimum wage, universal healthcare and free college tuition. 

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib from Michigan — the other Muslim woman elected to Congress — got quite the reception Thursday on the steps to the Capitol.

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