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Conor McGregor Returning to NYC to Face Judge In Bus Attack Case

Posted June 13, 2018 under Celebrity Justice

Conor McGregor

Returning to NYC

To Face Judge In Bus Attack Case

6/13/2018 9:24 AM PDT

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Conor McGregor has boarded a jet and is returning to the United States … where he’s scheduled to appear in an NYC courtroom to face charges for his attack on a UFC bus back in April. 

McGregor is facing several criminal charges — including felony criminal mischief — for the April 5 incident at Barclay’s Center when he threw a steel dolly at a UFC bus.

Several people were injured in the incident — including multiple UFC fighters and staff. 

Conor spent the night in jail and eventually flew back to Ireland.

But Tuesday, McGregor posted a photo in front of a private jet — presumably the plane he’ll take to return to the U.S.

McGregor is reportedly working on a plea deal with prosecutors — and, since he’s facing 7 years in prison if convicted, it’s in his best interest to cut a deal.

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