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Dan Rather Says Thai Cave Rescue is a Feel-Good Break from the World’s BS

Posted July 10, 2018 under Movies

Dan Rather on Thai Cave Rescue

Makes Me Say, ‘Hallelujah!!’

… A Break from all the BS

7/10/2018 11:26 AM PDT


Dan Rather says he can handle a little Hollywood interference to make a Thailand cave rescue movie, because the story is just that great.

We got the CBS News legend Tuesday in NYC hours after it was announced that all 12 boys from a youth soccer team and their coach were successfully saved from a flooded cave after being trapped for more than 2 weeks. Dan had 1 word for it this AM … any guesses?

Our camera guy also asks what he makes of Hollywood types rushing to crank out a movie about the rescue, which Dan acknowledges is definitely going on and seems to frown upon.

But, like he says … some positive news for once beats any potential exploitation. He’ll take it.

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