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Drag Queen ‘Elsa’ Pushes Boston PD Truck Out of Nor’easter Snow

Posted March 14, 2018 under Movies

Nor’easter Rescue

Drag ‘Elsa’ Helps Cops

Let It Go in Snow!!!

3/14/2018 8:40 AM PDT

Princess Elsa is WAY stronger than we thought — or, at least, the drag queen version is — because she was able to free a Boston police truck stuck in the latest nor’easter snow.

The rescue went down Tuesday night outside a Boston restaurant where customers gathered to watch a guy — dressed up as the “Frozen” character — push a police truck out of a snow drift. Blue gown and all … Elsa got it done!

The spectators cheering for our heroine, and the celebration courtesy at the end are just awesome. God, we wish they’d broken into a few bars of “Let It Go.”

This is easily the best blizzard vid we’ve seen since that Philly reporter took a snowball to the face while reporting on the last nor’easter.

We know folks back east are sick of it, but winter really is a wonderland … of great videos.

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