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Ex-‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Defends JC Using the N-Word

Posted July 18, 2018 under Politics

Ex-‘Big Brother’ Houseguest

I’m Giving JC a Pass on N-Word …

Trump Says Lots of Crap!

7/18/2018 3:02 PM PDT


A former “Big Brother” houseguest says it’s no big deal JC Mounduix dropped the n-word … because he was just answering a question honestly.

Devin Shepherd, from ‘BB16,’ tells TMZ … he doesn’t think JC had bad intentions, and was merely defending himself. JC, who’s 4’8″ … used the slur while trying to explain — to a black houseguest — the difference between the words “midget” and “dwarf.”

Fellow houseguest, Bayleigh, who is black — was pissed and warned JC to never use the word again. However, Devin says JC’s outburst is no worse than stuff President Trump says on a daily basis.

Shepherd strongly suggests the country’s got bigger fish to fry than a slip of the tongue in the ‘BB’ house. 

Not a bad point, especially this week.

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