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Gayle King Nervously Spins Oprah for President Movement

Posted January 9, 2018 under Politics

Gayle King

Nervously Spins Oprah for Prez Movement

1/9/2018 6:27 AM PST

Gayle King was a loyal Oprah solider Tuesday morning, trying to spin Stedman Graham‘s comment about a 2020 Oprah run for President … and she did so with limited success.

Gayle begins by saying Stedman misunderstood the question posed by the L.A. Times and only meant that she’d make a good president. Gayle’s co-host, Norah O’Donnell, zeroed in with a true statement — Stedman’s answer was “She would absolutely do it.”

The clip is interesting … Gayle says she talked to her best bud for a long time Monday night, and it sounds like Oprah had her locked and loaded for a spin.

At the very least … it’s clear Oprah’s now noodling the idea.

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