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Jamie Foxx Schools Byron Scott in Impromptu Three-Point Contest

Posted February 18, 2018 under Sports

Jamie Foxx

Schools Byron Scott in Shooting

… Jamie-3, Byron-0!!!

2/18/2018 12:15 PM PST


Jamie Foxx The Renaissance Man strikes again — this time sending NBA legend Byron Scott back to school during an impromptu shooting contest. 

Jamie and Byron were attending an All-Star-themed event Saturday night at the Jeremy hotel in WeHo, where they got into a little three-point shooting contest on the fly. 

Eyewitnesses tell us Jamie drained at least 3 shots from distance out of 10 … while Byron hit NONE. Yes, Byron Scott — who’s known as a three-point guru — hit zero 3-pointers.

The discrepancy didn’t go unnoticed, especially by Jamie. He points out what most everyone already knows about the dude — he can kinda do it all. Game, hats. 

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