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Jeb’s Son Wants to Help Donald Trump and the Bushes Be Friends

Posted March 13, 2018 under Politics

Jeb Bush’s Oldest Son

Trump & Bushes Will Be Best Pals …

If I Have the Last Say

3/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Jeb Bush‘s oldest son says the reciprocal support between him and President Trump can be awkward around the fam — but he’s determined to make the Bushes come around to 45.

We got George P. Bush — Dubya’s nephew and H.W.’s grandson — in D.C. Monday after the Astros met The Don at the White House to celebrate their World Series championship.

He’s been a vocal supporter of Trump since the election — and it appears Trump’s returned the favor in George’s current race for Texas land commissioner.

Despite the fact that H.W. called the Prez a “blowhard” and W. reportedly said Trump made his own presidency “look pretty good” — not to mention Jeb getting trashed by Trump in the GOP primary — George is optimistic he can sweeten the bitterness between the families.

Good luck …

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