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Joanna Krupa, I Knew About Harvey Weinstein a Decade Ago

Posted October 19, 2017 under Gossip & Rumors

Joanna Krupa

I Knew About Weinstein a Decade Ago

10/19/2017 6:55 AM PDT


Joanna Krupa says she was warned more than a decade ago about Harvey Weinstein getting sexually aggressive with actresses, and she made a conscious decision to stay away.

We got Joanna Thursday in WeHo and asked if she had any experiences with the fallen mogul. Joanna came to Hollywood as a model with designs on stardom, but the grapevine was loud and clear … at least one kingmaker was treacherous.

Joanna says the rumor mill was going full tilt, which again raises the issue … how can it be Hollywood had no idea?

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