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Kate Hudson’s ‘Wild Wild Country’ Costume Gets Thumbs-Up from Cult’s Ex-Lawyer

Posted October 30, 2018 under Movies

Kate Hudson

‘Wild Wild Country’ Costume Gets Love

From Cult’s Ex-Lawyer

10/30/2018 3:35 PM PDT


Kate Hudson‘s catching some flak for dressing up as a follower of Bhagwan Rajneesh — the cult leader in the Netflix docu-series “Wild Wild Country” — but one of his former disciples LOVES it.

We talked to Philip Toelkes — who used to go by Swami Prem Niren when he served as the top attorney for the controversial Rajneeshpuram in the ’80s — and he tells us Kate and her friends were well within their rights to celebrate the group.

Kate faced backlash online after posting the pic, apparently at a Halloween party, because some people felt she was glorifying the “cult.”

Let’s face it … Rajneeshees will be a hit Halloween costume this year — with the popularity of the Netflix series — and Phil says he’s totally on board with that. He also thinks Bhagwan, aka Osho, would be too, as long as it’s respectful.

Phil also took aim at the haters, who say the Rajneeshees almost ruined a way of life for many Oregonians, saying they never understood their movement.

On the other hand, the mayor of Antelope, OR — which had been overrun by the Rajneeshees — tells us, “They plotted to assassinate someone. How friendly would others be if [someone] dressed up as a terrorist for Halloween?”

As for the fake gun one of Kate’s pals flashed, Phil says it’s not far off from the truth. He says the Rajneeshees were well armed and ready to protect themselves in those days.

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