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LeSean McCoy’s Ex-GF Reveals Graphic New Injury Photos

Posted September 19, 2018 under Sports

LeSean McCoy’s Ex-GF

Reveals Graphic New Injury Photos

… Bruised & Battered

9/19/2018 7:55 AM PDT


LeSean McCoy‘s ex-girlfriend just revealed graphic injury photos showing her face bruised and battered after the beating she took during a home invasion back in July.

Delicia Cordon┬áincluded the photos in legal docs filed in a Georgia court … where Cordon is suing McCoy — accusing him of orchestrating the break-in and beatdown.

Cordon — who started dating McCoy in 2016 — believes the Buffalo Bills star ordered people to break into the house she was living in — which McCoy owns — to reclaim jewelry he previously gifted her … and scare her into moving out.

The photos appear to show Cordon with black eyes, a busted lip, and cuts and bruises on her face.

Police are still investigating the case … but McCoy has adamantly denied having any involvement with the incident.

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