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‘Little Women: Dallas’ Stars Kicking & Screaming at Reunion

Posted December 6, 2017 under Celebrity Feuds

‘Little Women: Dallas’ Stars

Kicking & Screaming at Reunion

12/6/2017 12:30 AM PST


The “Little Women: Dallas” reunion show brought new meaning to dragging one’s feet when co-star Emily Fernandez started a kicking match with co-star Tiffani Chance that sent heels flying.

TMZ got a clip of the fight, which will air Wednesday. Emily insults Tiff’s boyfriend, but can’t handle the comeback when Tiff fires back at Emily that her ex, Lontel, didn’t¬†want to have kids with her — a touchy subject since theylost their baby shortly after birth.

As you can imagine .. they’re no longer on speaking terms.¬†Security had to get involved, as well as co-star Amanda Loy, who tried to defend Tiff.

We’re told Amanda’s not coming back next season, but not over anything to do with the fight … she says she wants to pursue acting.

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