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Man Claims Samuel L. Jackson’s His Uncle During LAX Weapons Arrest

Posted December 4, 2017 under Movies

Samuel L. Jackson

Guy Claims the Actor’s His Uncle

In Crazy LAX Weapons Bust

12/3/2017 7:47 PM PST


Samuel L. Jackson‘s name was evoked during a crazy arrest at LAX this weekend, where cops say a ton of weapons were found on a guy claiming SLJ’s his uncle.

An unidentified man got busted at the airport Sunday with what police say were multiple weapons on him, including knives, a long piece of rebar and a handful of tools.

During the arrest, you can hear him say, “My uncle’s Samuel Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson!”  It’s unclear what, if any, relation the actor might have to him.  

Law enforcement sources tell us police were alerted to a suspicious man hanging around the airport with a potential bow and arrow. When cops approached, we’re told he took off on foot and set off a brief chase … before being tazed and eventually taken down. 

The man was transported to a hospital by ambulance, apparently having suffered injuries during the arrest. As for Samuel … he’s probably tired of these motherf****** mentions.

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