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Mark Zuckerberg Spars with Sen. Ted Cruz During Facebook Data Breach Grilling

Posted April 10, 2018 under Politics

Mark Zuckerberg

44 Senators Later …

Cruz Throws Political Punch

4/10/2018 5:07 PM PDT

Mark Zuckerberg got an intense, lengthy grilling Tuesday from dozens of senators, and none was more demanding — and political — than Sen. Ted Cruz.

Most senators asked Zuck about privacy and data-related issues, but Sen. Cruz decided to hammer the CEO over the alleged censorship of conservative-themed FB pages. At one point, Cruz asked if the honcho’s company took note of its employees’ political views, to which Zuckerberg said no.

But, then Cruz asked about a specific employee getting fired — presumably because he leaned right. Zuckerberg refused to elaborate, but safe to say Cruz got under the Harvard dropout’s skin. 

MZ will be back Wednesday for round 2 on Capitol Hill. 

BTW … Zuck had a pretty thick cushion under his butt during more than 4 hours of testifying. Maybe he need the extra comfort, or maybe — at 5’7″ — he just needed a boost.

Probably both.

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