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Matt Damon Struggles on Surf Board While Down Under

Posted February 7, 2019 under Movies

Matt Damon

Bad Surf Hunting

… Bourne to Wipe Out!!!

2/7/2019 7:28 AM PST

Matt Damon got dumped in Australia … by the waves, not his gorgeous wife.

Matt hit up Byron Bay for a little surfing session and he got off to a pretty rough start. You can see the action star show off some beginner moves — falling over and over and over, and … ya get the point. Jason Bourne’s stunt double was not on the beach.

Still, gotta give him credit for getting back up and giving it another go. Check out the clip … there’s no quit in Matt.

Matt’s clearly a newbie at catching waves, but let’s not forget — he’s no stranger to being a badass.

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