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Olympics Invaded By Fat Streaker with Monkey Penis Pouch

Posted February 23, 2018 under Fashion

Winter Olympics

Invaded By Streaker

… Nice Penis Pouch!

2/23/2018 7:22 AM PST

Ever seen a fat guy in a tutu try to streak the Olympics with his wiener tucked firmly in a monkey penis holder? Well, good news … 

That’s how it went down at the Men’s 1,000m Speed Skating event in Pyeongchang early Friday morning — and it was glorious. 

The dude tried to put on a show at the Gangneung Oval with the words “Peace and Love” written on his chest … but slipped, fell and BUSTED HIS ASS HARD!

The best part … it was all captured on video! 

The streaker was reportedly on the ice for several minutes — so far, it’s unclear if he just gave up and left or if he was removed by security. 

It’s just the latest in a string of naked people invading high-profile sporting events — just a few weeks ago, a dude busted out breakdancing moves during the Phoenix Open golf tourney in Arizona

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