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Pacman Jones Fight Video, The Violent Knockdown

Posted July 11, 2018 under Sports

Pacman Jones

Fight Video

Shows Violent Knockdown

7/11/2018 7:55 AM PDT


TMZ Sports has obtained video of Pacman Jones in a full-on FIST FIGHT at the Atlanta airport — showing the NFL star retaliate violently after he was attacked by an airport employee. 

Cops told us the altercation began when the employee — Frank Ragin — made a gesture toward the NFL star as he was walking through the airport with a female companion. 

You can see in the video … Pacman (real name Adam Jones) calls out the guy and confronts him.  

Ragin — still wearing his orange airport vest — goes after Jones, initiating the fight. 

Jones tries to take off his backpack, but instead throws a haymaker at Ragin. The two exchange shots until Pacman lands the knockdown blow with an overhand right, sending Ragin to the floor. 

After Jones landed a few more shots, the fight was broken up. 

Cops responded and arrested Ragin — claiming he was the instigator and Jones was simply defending himself. 

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