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Pistons’ Eric Moreland Doesn’t Care LiAngelo Ball Went Undrafted, ‘He’ll Be Fine’

Posted June 22, 2018 under Sports

Pistons’ Eric Moreland

I Don’t Care LiAngelo Went Undrafted

… ‘He’ll Be Fine!!’

6/22/2018 2:39 PM PDT


Pistons power forward¬†Eric Moreland doesn’t see a problem with LiAngelo Ball not getting picked in Thursday’s NBA Draft … telling TMZ Sports, if Gelo works hard enough — it won’t even matter!!

See, Moreland went undrafted himself back in 2014 … and he turned out alright — latching on with the Sacramento Kings for a couple seasons before playing 67 games in Detroit last year.

So, for Eric … he could care less what happened to the middle Ball bro this week.

“It’s OK, he’ll come back,” Moreland told us.

“I didn’t get drafted, you know? He’ll be there. He’ll be fine.”

There’s more … we’re not sure who Moreland was with when we got him leaving Skybar Thursday night … but she clearly wasn’t a fan of Tristan Thompson … telling us in TWO WORDS that she agrees with Draymond Green and Matt Barnes in their tiff with T.T.

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