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Richard Pryor’s Son Mason Says Bombing at The Apollo is a Learning Experience

Posted March 8, 2018 under TV

Richard Pryor’s Son

‘Apollo’ Fail Won’t Stop Me!!!

And There’s a Silver Lining

3/8/2018 3:05 PM PST


Mason Pryor says he knew pretty quickly his first major stand-up gig was not going to end well, but he’s chalking it up to a lesson in comedy.

Richard Pryor‘s youngest son told us Thursday about totally bombing his set on “Showtime at the Apollo,” and what’s amazing is … he’s staying super positive.

Mason says while he’s opened for Eddie Griffin before, this was his first televised performance, and he knows he’s got a lot of work to do before the next one.

On the bright side, Mason says several comedians have reached out to tell him to stick with it — he’s not the first to bomb at The Apollo — and at the very least … he’s now made his OWN name for himself!

We still don’t know if the Sandman ushered Mason off the Apollo stage. His full performance airs Thursday night on FOX … that is, if you want more.

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