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Selena Gomez Ignores Questions About Justin Bieber’s Engagement

Posted July 10, 2018 under Music

Selena Gomez

Not Talking Bieber

Just Girl Talk

7/10/2018 6:57 AM PDT

Here’s the reality … Selena Gomez¬†will be asked A LOT about Justin Bieber‘s engagement to Hailey Baldwin, but she’s all warmed up and ready to respond … with a cold shoulder.

Photogs caught Bieber’s ex Monday evening in NYC, and a pap asked if she had any comment on his weekend proposal to Hailey. That, or well-wishes … either way.

More reality … everyone, especially Beliebers, will judge a lot based on Selena’s words — or even just her facial reactions. So, go ahead and judge away.

She doesn’t have much to say to photogs, but she does look preoccupied by her convo with a pal.

Hard to make out what they’re saying, but also hard to imagine the words … Justin, Hailey or “that ring” … haven’t come up once or twice.

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