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Seth Green Has Zero Beef with Jamie Foxx After Sucking Katie Holmes’ Toes

Posted April 6, 2018 under Movies

Seth Green

Zero Beef w/ Jamie Foxx

After Sucking Katie’s Toes!!!

4/6/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Seth Green can breathe easy … Jamie Foxx ain’t licking his chops to deal Seth a beating for licking Katie Holmes‘ toes.

We got Seth at LAX on Thursday and asked him about his hilariously disturbing scene from his new flick, “Dear Dictator” … in which he licks and sucks on Katie’s toes. Seth plays her boss and in the scene he tells her his wife is basically boring in the bedroom.

We asked Seth if preparing for the scene required lots of alcohol — NOT the kind you’d think — and if there were many takes required. Sucking and licking toes can be ticklish … from what we hear.

Ya gotta see Seth explain why there won’t be any fallout with Jamie and where this character ranks among his list of classics. Also … apologies to Seth if we made him miss his flight.

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