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Shawne Merriman Says O.J. Simpson Should Keep His Heisman Vote

Posted December 7, 2017 under Sports

Shawne Merriman

O.J. Should Keep His Heisman Vote

… Here’s Why

12/6/2017 4:05 PM PST


Ex-NFL starĀ Shawne Merriman says O.J. Simpson absolutely should get to use his Heisman vote now that he’s outta the slammer … telling TMZ Sports it all boils down to a basic formula.

On the field … O.J. was a legend who (fun fact) won his Heisman award by the largest margin of victory EVER.

Off the field … the former Chargers linebacker says it doesn’t matter what Simpson did or didn’t do — ’cause he’s voting on a football award!

Bonus: Shawne went to town on the NY Giants for their “HORRIBLE” decision to bench Eli Manning for a week — and he made some pretty good points.

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