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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Loses $1,000 Mispronouncing Flamenco

Posted April 10, 2018 under TV

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant

Mispronounces ‘Flamenco’

… Spelled Out & All

4/9/2018 5:36 PM PDT

Pronunciation’s fury has struck again in the game show world — and it cost one guy dearly after he said “flamingo” instead of “flamenco” … even when it was spelled out.

The contestant — a dude named Jonny (no ‘H’) — had a complete answer filled out on the board Monday night on “Wheel of Fortune” which read “Flamenco Dance Lessons.” But instead of saying ‘flamenco,’ he went with the pink bird … and producers cried fowl.

Jonny got buzzed for a wrong answer, and another fellow contestant, Ashley, picked up an easy W. Even sadder than the fail … this poor dude’s face realizing his mistake, which cost him $1,000.

This ain’t the first time pronouncing an answer wrong has screwed someone on TV. You’ll recall … a man was dinged on “Jeopardy” not too long ago for calling Coolio‘s song “Gangsta’s Paradise” … “Gangster’s Paradise” with a hard R

The lesson … get on your P’s and Q’s, everyone. And every other letter for that matter. 

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